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Clark County School District (CCSD) is the fifth largest school district in the country and is comprised of 358 schools with more than 42,000 employees. CCSD is also the largest employer in the state, so there are many jobs available year-round. This summer alone there are 1,500 vacant teaching positions statewide, so now is the time for you to get hired in your dream teaching job! Nevada Teachers has the tools to help you get there.

How Our Program Works

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Getting Hired in Clark County

Once you are admitted into the Nevada Teachers program, you will need to complete your Praxis testing and Phase I of our online training. You will then receive your Letter of Eligibility which allows you to begin seeking employment. Clark County requires that all licensed teachers have some classroom experience in conjunction with a Principal reference. There are two ways to satisfy this requirement.

If you have worked as a teacher, aide, substitute teacher or paraprofessional, in any state, your experience will most likely fulfill the CCSD requirement. You will need to obtain a principal reference from that school, on your behalf, to verify the completion of required classroom experience.

If you have no prior classroom experience, don’t be discouraged! You can apply to become a substitute with Clark County School District. Substitute teaching will give you helpful insight when you’re ready to teach in your own classroom, and it is the perfect opportunity to impress your potential employer. Just follow the steps below:

  • Submit your application for a substitute license from the Nevada Department of Education.
  • Create your account on the CCSD application portal
  • Search and apply for substitute positions online
  • Complete all required interview steps to earn the position

Your Next Steps

Once you have your Principal reference, submit your Licensed Application to CCSD through their online portal.

  • Resume
  • Transcript(s)
  • Score Report
  • ARL Supervisor (Nevada Teachers program director)
  • Cooperating Teacher (your online instructor)
  • Administrator (principal reference)

We are here to help!

Once you have completed all required steps on the CCSD website, you can login and search for open positions. Depending on how far along you are in our program, you may be searching for a substitute position, or a full-time teaching job. Either way, utilize our Interviewing and Resume resources to help you prepare. Contact us if you have any questions, or use the helpful links below.


— Clark County School District

— Nevada Department of Education

— The Hive / CCSD

— Clark County HR: 702.799.5427 (Option 3)

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