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Nevada K-12 Teacher Testing Requirements & Resources

Testing Requirements

To become a teacher in Nevada and meet the requirements for a teaching license you must pass the Nevada Praxis tests as well as a few additional exams Nevada Teachers of Tomorrow provides resources to help prepare for the required exams. The information below is from our collaboration with the Nevada Department of Education.

The Nevada DOE works with ETS for the Praxis tests, which are administered by computer– not paper and pencil. Your social security number must be used with all Praxis testing to process your teacher certification paperwork.  If you test in Nevada, all scores are automatically sent to the Nevada Department of Education.

Nevada Praxis Competency Testing
You must complete these items before you can start teaching.

  1. Registration for all Nevada Praxis Tests
    Learn more about registration and testing for Nevada Praxis Tests.
  1. Passing of the Core Academic Skills for Educators
    for most teacher licenses.

    This is a series of three tests covering Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. You will need to take and pass all three of the Core Academic Skills for Educators tests to be licensed in Nevada. If you previously passed all three portions of the PPST, you do not need to re-take the Praxis Core exams.

There are a few testing exceptions.
Learn more about all exceptions, filtered by coursework.

  • Passing of the PPST – this test was given BEFORE the Core Academic Skills test. Scores expire 9 years and 11 months after taking the test . If you still have a valid score, this test can be used.
  • Passing of the CBEST (CBEST test dates and locations ) – CBEST is the California test – if you have a CBEST score, you can use that.
  • A Master’s or more advanced degree from a regionally accredited college or university that includes passage of the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) or an equivalent test.
  • A GPA of 3.0 or higher in undergraduate studies AND a Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) with scores of:
    • At least 420 or 148 on the verbal portion of the examination
    • At least a 460 or 142 on the quantitative portion, and
    • At least 430 or 3.5 on the analytical portion of the examination or at least 3.5 on the analytical writing portion.

You can complete the following before teaching, or during your first year of teaching, in order to earn your Nevada Standard Teacher License.

  1. Nevada Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Exam
    You can take this before you teach, but most wait until they have been in the classroom teaching, as the test is focused on the application of pedagogy. The test you take is dependent upon grade level. The PLT exams have questions on many different aspects of pedagogy, and topics covered on the exam include (but are not limited to) the following.
  • Students as Learners
  • Instructional Process
  • Assessment
  • Professional Development, Leadership and Community

25% of the test is an analysis of instructional scenarios from each of these topics
By far the most common topics are classroom management and learning theory. Often these two topics are combined into a single question. For example, a question might ask how a teacher can use learning theory to solve a specific classroom management problem.

The Praxis PLT exams are holistic, integrating different concepts into single questions.
Very few questions narrowly focus on just one aspect of pedagogy. The question structure is the same across all exams. Each Praxis PLT question is multiple choice with four answers to choose from. Most PLT questions are independent from each other, with each question focusing on a new idea or situation. However, in some cases, the PLT presents a specific classroom scenario that has two questions attached to it rather than one.

Take the exam for the correct grade level you will be teaching.

  • PLT grades K-6
  • PLT grades 7-12
  1. Nevada Praxis Subject Matter Teaching Examinations
    Nevada uses the Praxis exams to test for subject matter expertise. There are tests for almost every subject and the specific test and required score are listed on the ETS website for Nevada.
  1. Content Area Tests
    Content knowledge tests specific to the subject to be taught. Course catalog coming soon.

Nevada Tests and Courses By Name
Praxis 5751
Core Academic Skills for Educators

Combined Test of Reading, Writing and Mathematics

Praxis 5712
Core Academic Skills for Educators


Praxis 5722
Core Academic Skills for Educators


Praxis 5732
Core Academic Skills for Educators


Praxis 5622
Principles of Learning and Teaching

Grades K-6

Praxis 5624
Principles of Learning and Teaching

Grades 7-12

Praxis 5354
Special Education

Core Knowledge & Applications

Praxis 5019
Elementary Education


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Nevada Department of Education
Review and check the full list testing requirements from the Nevada DOE.
Review Requirements

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